Timberlink GmbH was founded in 2003 by Kim Vestergren and Jürgen Offermann.  Later that year all shares were taken over by Kim Vestergren.

Kim Vestergren has a background in the hardwood trade from the leading Danish wood trading company, and from a German company specialised in Hardwoods from Africa.

He has gathered 15 years of experience in the field from longer stays in Africa. Poland, Holland, Denmark, USA and Germany.In Africa he graded and purchased logs directly in the forest and sawn timber directly from the mills.

In Germany he has gathered extensive knowledge of the log manipulation and kilning.



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Timberlink Wood and Forest
Products GmbH
Bosteler Feld 29
21218 Seevetal
Timberlink Wood and Forest
Products GmbH
Hoeje Taastrup Boulevard 53
1.Floor, Easy Office
DK-2630 Taastrup

Peter Søgaard Visti
Mobile: +45 2113 5077
E-mail: pv@timberlink.dk
Skype: pvisti

Johannes Borglykke Sørensen
Mobile: +45 2467 5055
E-mail: jos@timberlink.dk
Skype: johannessorensen

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